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Krystalynn Liselisdaughter by k2pony Krystalynn Liselisdaughter by k2pony
Your Name: Krystalynn (Sparkling) Daughter of Liseli (mystery)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: Tough, Loyal, Mysteries
Eye Color: Green (With a hint of mystery in them)
Hair Color: Brown with a hint of blond
Skin Color: Chestnut Brown, Tan
Age: 15
Experience: None what so ever
The Length of Time You Have Owned Your Dragon: 5 or 6 months
Preferred Clothing: A forest green dress (Cause that's how my people expect me to dress if I could I would dress like my brothers) that covers my feet. I have a rope belt with a punch and a knife hanging form it. Quarter white sleeves.
Hobbies: Tracking, History, Wrestling with my Brothers.
Favorite Training Subject: Archery, History, Magic so I can talk to animals.
Name of Sword: Hugin (Thought or Knowledge)
Special Item: Mother's Necklace
Teacher: Tychus

Dragon Name: Egan (meaning Little Fire)
Gender: Male
Color: Green (This color green don't know what its called)
Personality: Protective, Thoughtful, Mysteries.
Flame Color: Light Green
Hobbies: Flying, Hunting
Favorite Training Subject: history
Special Item: None
Dragon Teacher: Mirage

Other: I live 10 miles from the closet village with my father Hien (Meek and Gentle) as well as my five brothers. My mother Liseli died when I was very young so I have had to grow up with five older brother which has mad me tough and good at keeping secrets. I love to hunt and talk to animal, I always thought that I could talk to animals little did I know that I could use magic to speak to them.

Like I said I lived with my father Hien and five brothers, and on top of it I'm the youngest in my family and on top of it I'm blind. Unlike the Elves we humans have many children. My mother Liseli died when I was but three, not having a mother people might have thought would be really bad for me but I think, though I do miss her it has done me a lot of good. My eldest brother Azim (protector) was always the better of my brothers I'm not saying that my brothers were mean to me but they treated me as if I was one of the boys, They often forgot that I was blind which was fine with me. Azim was the one who showed me how to hunt and track. He was my best friend before Egan came. If my family was darker and had horns people would think us Urlglas, because we are so tall, I'm 6 foot myself and my brothers much taller then me. Being the only girl has tought me to be tough and to keep secrets well. Like me talking to animals at first I thought it was my imagination that they talked back to me but it wasn't they were really talking back. When I found Egan's egg I was walking in the forest and tripped hitting my head on a stone it hurt so bad. When I awoke I felt something small laying on my stomach, I could tell there was something different about this animal in my arms. He smelled like fire and felt very warm. I cared it home to my family and that's when I discovered it was a small dragons I decided to name it Egan, which means little fire though at the time I didn't know what it ment.. Once I was found out to be a Dragon Rider I was sent for and then started my training. In my training I've learned to use Egan's eyes for my own I never knew the world looks so beautiful.
tany54 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
do u know how i look or something jk lol i do look like this without freckles and i don't wear dresses and i have braces
k2pony Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
Thanks and no hahaha I was doing a girl OC from a book I read
tany54 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
this is so pretty because i look like this alittle
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